Heavy Hauler Hydraulic 4 Axles Lowbed Trailer with Dolly

We are one of the leading professional lowboy trailer manufacturers, our featuring low bed trailer for sale are welded by longitudinal beam, side beam and crossbeam. Steal grade Q460 which will not deform until intention reaches 460Mpa. This kind of steel has features of high strength, various temperature ductility, low yield ratio and high elongation. Axles of the lowboy is non driving type, hubs, drum brakes, rims and tires are fixed on each side. Bogie are provided with balance suspension which facilitates the steering during road duty, during which all axles match with the bumping of roads, balancing the loads on the lowboy deck. It’s an ideal choice for heavy load duty, especially military forces, in tough road condition.

Lowboy / Low bed Trailer Features


  • High tension steel with various temperature ductility
  • Bogie axles adopted for smaller steering ratio
  • Various ramps, decks, gooseneck options.
  • Various payload options

Lowboy Trailer Featuring diagram

Trailer Model 3 Axle Low bed Semi Trailer
Dimension(Lx W x H)(mm) 13000*2800*1700
Curb Weight(KG) 7000
Loading Weight( KG) 60000
Total Weight(KG) 67000
Departure Angle 16
Axle Brand FUWA 13TON Axle
Axle Number 3
Wheelbase(mm) 8580+1310+1310
Suspension system Mechanical suspension
Steel Spring 10/10/10
Frame The height of the beam is500mm,upper plate is 18mm,down plate is 20mm,middle plate is 10mm.according to the buyer’s requirement
Platform plate 5mm Diamond Plate
Tire Type and quantity 12.00R20  12units
Traction Pin 50mm or 90mm
Spare Wheel Bracket 2 pieces
Tool Box 1 Unit
Landing Leg 28T load landing leg
Brake system Dual Line braking system ,none ABS.
Brake air chamber 6 air chambers
Electrical system 24V,7 Pole plug
Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.
One set 6-core standard Cable.
Side Guard None
Painting Color by customer’s requirement
Packing Polish with wax before shipping
Delivery way Transfer to China port, and carry by ro-ro ship, the freight cost depends on the volume.
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