16T Bpw American Type Trailer Axle

Product Description:

Main specifications                           

Product name Trailer parts 13ton wheel and axle for sale
AXle Type American Type
AXle Brand FUWA
AXle Size 13Ton
Material Steel
Brake Size (mm) 420*180/420*220
Max Payload 20Ton
Track(mm) 1840(The 1840 is the standard length, with different lengths of axles for trailer of different widths)

1. Integral high-quality low alloy shaft tube, high load capacity, high bending strength, material: 20 Mn ²
Note: Thickness: 13T 12 #, 16T 14 #, 20T 16 #, 25T 18 #
Axle tube: thickness 16 #, 18 #, 22 #

2.Lubricating oil protection

3.Bearings use one of China’s three famous bearings, Luoyang Bearing

4.Brake components interchangeable, S-type camshaft, brake more flexible and reliable, with high-strength wear-resistant ball sets, zero with the assembly, the braking effect is better

5.Products can choose ABS system




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